Becky and Justin got married! The house where they got married in La Habra Heights was the perfect place. So many cool rooms and levels so tons of great details. I think you'll agree, Becky is such a stunning bride. An In-N-Out truck stopped by to supply the dinner. There was such beautiful light for some portraits and their first dance. Congratulations you guys!

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Lisa Fitts says:

Wow these are great nice job! im back in so cal let me know if you ever need a second!

(07.21.10 @ 11:05 AM)
Becky says:

Ah! Kurt the pictures are amazing!!! So excited to get them up in the house. Love your work!

(07.21.10 @ 02:54 PM)
Donna Hinman says:

Loved the pictures.

(07.21.10 @ 03:05 PM)
Gema says:

Becky these pictures are so amazing!! You look absolutely stunning and I'm so happy for you!!! :D

(07.21.10 @ 03:06 PM)
Lauren Barnhart says:

Oh my gosh Becky, the wedding looked gorgeous, you looked stunning and your happiness practically leaks out the corners of the photos!

I seriously just cried I with excitement for you and your new life. You are such a beautiful person, I'm so glad I got the chance to have you in my life:)

(07.21.10 @ 03:16 PM)
Deanna says:

These pictures are great... And a very beautiful location

(07.21.10 @ 03:18 PM)
Vanessa says:

Awesome wedding, and the pictures are beautiful!

(07.21.10 @ 03:32 PM)
Natalia Cervantes says:

Stunning! Absolutely stunning!! xoxo!

(07.21.10 @ 03:34 PM)
Erin Hamilton says:

Becky & Justin,
These pictures are wonderful! So glad I got to see your wedding through these wonderful moments! So happy you had a wonderful wedding day. Love you both =)

(07.21.10 @ 03:44 PM)
Genesis Oronoz says:

Absolutely stunning photos you guys look so great together!

(07.21.10 @ 03:49 PM)
Lisa says:

Becky!!!! You look AMAZING :) Super cute pictures. I love the dresses of the bridesmades, the choice of shoes for the guys and did I see INO?!?! LoL you guys are so funny. I love it! Congrats!!

(07.21.10 @ 03:51 PM)
Scott Hammer says:

Awesome pics, awesome location, beautiful bride....Love the groomsmen shoes too! The In n Out was a special, yet practical touch I admire!!! Many many more years of blessings to you two. Wynette and I celebrate 31 years today, so we're only a LITTLE ahead of you...Hang together, you can make it through anything!

(07.21.10 @ 04:02 PM)
Cory & Traci Taylor says:

J&B: Your wedding was almost as stunning as you two are! I (Traci) loved all the fun details and Cory was stoked we got to have In-N-Out. What a fabulous day. Love you two. Xo

(07.21.10 @ 04:07 PM)
Michelle says:

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Yay for Justin and Becky!

(07.21.10 @ 04:09 PM)
Jeni McKeithen says:

Kurt! You and Emily did an awesome job!!!! My favorite has to be where you captured Becky walking across the balcony to the 1st reveal! So captivating!!!!!

(07.21.10 @ 04:19 PM)
Justin Guerrero says:

I LOVE the photos Kurt! I cant wait to see the rest of them! You totally captured the theme of the wedding and all the little details we worked so hard on. And of course my bride looks BEAUTIFUL!... And as Jay said... I look "lucky to have her" ;)

(07.21.10 @ 04:36 PM)
Kimberly Anderson says:

I absolutely love the picture of the dress hanging up! It looks so beautiful (of course not half as beautiful as it looked on her though) Your photography is amazing!

(07.21.10 @ 04:36 PM)
Brienne DuBois says:

These are GORGEOUS! Becky looks like a model in all her shots! What a phenomenal job!

(07.21.10 @ 04:56 PM)
Rachael says:

Becks, the pics are amazing! Such a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing!

(07.21.10 @ 05:01 PM)
Shannon says:

You guys are so amazing together! These are beautiful pictures :)

(07.21.10 @ 05:07 PM)
Rosie McKeithen says:

Absolutely gorgeous pictures - your happiness simply radiates. Great job by your photographer to have them so beautiful and natural at the same time.

(07.21.10 @ 05:52 PM)
Dan says:

Great shots!! Such a cool location! Crongrats!!

(07.21.10 @ 06:01 PM)
Jessica Tolly says:

Very stunning pictures! Well done! Look like a fun couple!

(07.21.10 @ 06:17 PM)
erika says:

Amazing photographs of an amazing couple!

(07.21.10 @ 07:10 PM)
Debbie Zinda says:

Beautiful pictures!!!

(07.21.10 @ 09:55 PM)
Chad Easter says:

Great photos from a perfect day! Thank you both for including me on your special day!!! Love you both!

(07.21.10 @ 11:32 PM)
Aaron says:

All I have to say is WOW!! Those turned out awesome!! Good Job!

(07.22.10 @ 05:58 AM)
Aimee says:

WOW! Fantastic pictures. I love the location and the food choice. :) Beautiful!!

(07.22.10 @ 07:17 AM)
Lauri Puchalski says:


(07.22.10 @ 09:29 AM)
Rusty Wood says:

Great pictures, looks like it was a great wedding!

(07.22.10 @ 12:11 PM)
Jena says:

The pictures look SOOOOO good! Becky's dress photographed beautifully, as did she :) Can't wait to see the rest!

(07.22.10 @ 10:49 PM)
Mommy Irene says:

Love these people! Justin and Becky you are so beautiful! Kurt, you are an amazing photographer! What an awesome, wonderful day!

(07.23.10 @ 08:47 PM)
Joseph Guerrero says:

These are amazing pictures that captured so many special moments. Your photographer, Kurt, shot incredible images of your beautiful wedding. I appreciate how he is so attentive to details.

(07.23.10 @ 09:05 PM)
Marissa says:

These pictures are great! They really capture the beauty of the event and the love between Justin and Becky.

(07.25.10 @ 10:48 AM)
Vanessa says:

WOW...beautiful pictures! Congratulations! You have a LOT of amazing pictures to choose from!

(07.25.10 @ 03:08 PM)
Kandee Crossley says:

You really captured the essence of the playfulness that is totally a part of Becky and Justin--as well as the tender sweet intimate moments. Can't wait to see all the finished products. Becky's Mom, Kandee

(07.26.10 @ 09:17 AM)
Janette Swanson says:

The pictures are amazing!! I think my favorite is the one where all of the guys are praying with Justin. But, I also love the one where you start to cry sitting in the chair. I love them all. Congrats guys!!!!

(07.31.10 @ 10:39 AM)