Jessica and Adam have such a cool style and an awesome car. We took Adam's 66 Mustang out to Route 66 and a fun road trip.

There were so many great images that I didn't know what to leave I didn't leave any out. Grab a snack because this is an epic blog post.

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Heather says:

"Excuse me, we need some more t.p. in the tee pee." Crazy cool shoot. You guys look totally HOT. Congrats!!!!

(07.02.10 @ 11:50 PM)
Julie Trujillo says:

These are absolutely adorable. Great location for a great couple. Loving everything 1950's Americana, this location is perfect!! Wigwam Hotel is my favorite!! Congratulations you two!!

(07.03.10 @ 06:14 AM)
Lauren says:

Love. Love. Love.

(07.03.10 @ 09:52 AM)
Stacey Ogden says:

These are great pictures! You guys crack me up. A person might think you guys like each other with all that kissing! ;)

(07.03.10 @ 03:10 PM)
Angela Brauner says:

Love them all!!! Love you both, auntie annie

(07.03.10 @ 03:22 PM)
MW says:

Amazing Picts!!!!

(07.03.10 @ 05:32 PM)
tinny says:

these pics look like they could be in a print ad for a coke, or ford or san bernardino. Love them!!!!! Great subjects!!!!

(07.03.10 @ 06:25 PM)
MELissa Starr says:


(07.03.10 @ 09:32 PM)
DP says:

Those are awesome!! great ideas. is that your mustang adam? that thing is wow.

(07.03.10 @ 10:23 PM)
Ann Marie Janzen says:

Wow. Jess, you look beautiful! Great outfits (I especially like the necklace with that first dress) and stellar facial expressions. Fantastic lighting and scenery all around.

(07.03.10 @ 11:33 PM)
Darcy says:

What a great story, it looks like you two had a great time!!!

(07.04.10 @ 09:23 AM)
Jessica Starr says:

LOVE! These shots are awesome! And to think...just hours before all this...there was a shooting in a Del Taco 2 miles from our location. Oh San Bernadino...thanks for the memories!

(07.04.10 @ 10:47 AM)
Chandra says:

All of these photos are so great, I cannot wait to be there for the real deal:-)

(07.04.10 @ 12:16 PM)
Mom & Dad Foster says:

Great pictures! Great photographer! You look like professioal models! We thought we were looking at advertisements in a fashion magazine!. Loved them! (Are you sure you're not big-time models?) We love you both, Mom & Dad F.

(07.04.10 @ 11:27 PM)
Enrique Iglesias says:

Love the succession of pictures...glad it ended with Jessica in tears because the mustang is...yet again...out of commission. The look really good. Fav is the kissing sillouhette behind the map...Keep living the viva loca.

(07.05.10 @ 12:39 PM)
Christin says:

Road Trip anyone?! These photos really captured how fun and beautiful this couple is! I loved the coca-cola shots! Very clever!

(07.05.10 @ 12:50 PM)
juliana says:

hope your wedding's as cool as this shoot! :)

(07.05.10 @ 03:02 PM)
Che Che says:

First I love love love Jessica's yellow necklace in the first outfit. Second I love the variety in locations. Super awesome.

(07.05.10 @ 03:03 PM)
Natalie says:

Amazing location and amazing couple! Very fun! Love the behind the map kiss. Congratulations Jessica and Adam!

(07.06.10 @ 09:40 AM)
Stephanie Starr says:

wow- you guys look like you are straight out of an old movie! soooo adorable!

(07.06.10 @ 10:36 AM)
Hudson Starr says:

Auntie J!!! (Uncle) Adam.... COOL MUSTANG! oh and you guys look good too...

(07.06.10 @ 10:39 AM)
David Starr says:

Adam/J- Wow what a great set of pictures! Handsome couple, cool car, vintage suit cases. Be happy!

(07.06.10 @ 10:54 AM)
Angela says:

Seriously the coolest pictures ever! I love the "travel" touch and certainly one or more should be sent to Coca Cola!

(07.06.10 @ 11:09 AM)
elyse says:

could you guys get any more stylish...nice job! super the whole concept!

(07.06.10 @ 11:51 AM)
Mary says:

Coke should give you an endorsement deal. Definitely.

(07.08.10 @ 03:46 PM)
Ryan Rosenkilde says:

I love everything about these! Love the setting! What amazing photos... must be the great subjects!!! Congrats you guys!

(07.10.10 @ 12:23 PM)
Christy Lau says:

LOVE these pictures! You guys are picture perfect. The pictures under the hood of Adam's car are definitely appropriate ... you know that happens often. Congrats guys!

(07.10.10 @ 08:00 PM)
Sheila says:

Love the pictures and had lots of fun at the wedding.
Love Ya
Auntie Sheila

(08.06.10 @ 08:56 AM)