Jessica and Adam had an awesome wedding. We spent some time in Old Town Orange before going to Jessica's parents house for the wedding and reception. Thanks so much to Juliana for coordinating the wedding and putting together so many amazing details.

Enjoy the most massive blog post ever!

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AHHHH!!! I love YOU...I love our wedding...I love JULIANA...I love my husband....I love my family....I love my friends...I love that this is the most massive post EVER!

You have outdone yourself! THANK YOU THANK YOU! WE ARE SO GOOD LOOKING!

(09.21.10 @ 05:38 PM)
Christin says:

What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! No detail was left out! Such wonderful moments were captured and I feel like I was at the wedding again. I love the pictures of Jessica and Adam by the train depo. I also love the ones where they are smashing each other with cake :) Congrats again Jessica and Adam! Oh and well done Kurt!

(09.21.10 @ 06:44 PM)
Lauren says:

Love. Love. Love.

(09.22.10 @ 01:20 PM)
trevor says:

this was my favorite wedding to dj by far. hit me up for a beer adam!

(09.22.10 @ 10:48 PM)
Heffe says:

i look so good, i make the pics! Oh yeah i guess you look good too.

(09.23.10 @ 03:39 PM)
Cassie says:

What a beautiful couple!! Congrats to the new mr. and mrs. foster!!

(09.23.10 @ 03:46 PM)
Michelle Schwab says:

Your wedding pictures are so beautiful! I hope you both have a great marriage and enjoy each other!

(09.25.10 @ 03:19 PM)
tinny says:

Kurt -- you captured the wedding perfectly. Every detail that Julianna worked so hard to create is here on this blog. Thank you both! It was a wonderful day. The bride and groom do look so very happy!!

(09.25.10 @ 06:58 PM)
elyse says:

BEAUTIFUL...the bride...the groom...the bridal party(duh!)...the decorations...everything about the night!!!

(09.27.10 @ 05:05 PM)
Andrea says:

Absolutely AMAZING photos! The second one of her dad walking her down the aisle - the emotion you caught on both their faces? A treasured shot!

Simply BEAUTIFUL photos!

(01.04.11 @ 01:11 PM)